About Us

Hello, my name is Jenn! I am an energetic marketer, product developer and entrepreneur. I have a love for unconventional ideas and a thirst for new experiences whether it be job opportunities, culinary delights or travel destinations.

One random fall afternoon I was combing the internet for a dessert recipe when I stumbled across a post about cotton candy. I can't explain the attraction, but it was instant. For weeks on end all I thought about was cotton candy. What flavors can I whisk up? How many toppings is too many toppings? Where can I take my dreamy cart? 

After months and months of incessant chatter, my boyfriend bought me a cotton candy machine for my birthday. With lots of encouragement and promises of being a fearless taste tester, I set out to re-interpret the classic treat. After countless hours of brainstorming, experimentation, failed flavors (turns out you can't put sriracha on everything, who knew?) and endless planning, FineAsCool came to life! We were ready to serve the most extraordinary organic cotton candy to kids (and kids at heart!). To me, cotton candy has become so much more than spinning sugar. It's seeing the look of surprise and delight among my friends when we share a cloud of cotton candy together.

Here at FineAsCool, my goal is to continue sharing that feeling of surprise and delight. I hope to spin gourmet cotton candy for your next soiree, and create lasting impressions for your friends, family and guests. Browse the site for options, ideas and inspirations. We are always developing custom flavors and branding options, and love hearing people's visions for their next soiree. Don't be shy! Hit up our chat button on the bottom right hand corner or email us at jenn@fineascool.com. Looking forward to connecting!