All of our gourmet cotton candy is made from sugar recipes we’ve hand crafted and perfected from endless experimentation. We only use organic cane sugar as our base and flavors extracted from real fruit infused over several weeks. From start to finish, we promise to serve only the finest 


Try our signature flavor, a crisp and refreshing taste of heavenly lemon with a splash of vodka. Top if off with a citrus wheel to make it extra 'gramable!

Berry Berry Strawberry

A timeless classic inspired by comfort foods and childhood memories. Made from real strawberries, its unlike anything you've ever tasted, truly the first of its kind

Peach Bum

Delectable, mouth-watering goodness that tastes just like a ripe peach - that's because it is! Fragrant, fruity and possibly one of the best flavors ever made

Juicy Watermelon 

Quench your thirst with a bite of that unmistakable juicy watermelon cotton candy. Bet you can't resist having seconds!


People were begging for another taste of citrus. Always aiming to please, we hit the kitchen and came up with orange to satisfy their craving

Matcha Green Tea

Made from traditional matcha, it has a full bodied and rich leafy flavor. Whisked into the sweetness of spun sugar, its the perfect pairing

Beach Side Coconut

The simple taste of endless summer and pure bliss. Need we say more? 

Birthday Cake

Whether you're young or young at heart, everyone loves a taste of cake. Top it with rainbow sprinkles and the party is officially on!

A Few Things to Keep in Mind

* Let us know in advance if you have any food allergies. We try our best to be mindful of nut allergies however, we operate out of a facility with nuts and cannot guarantee that there is no cross contamination

* Some flavors are best served with suggested toppings and others are entirely up to you! Check out our Add Ons to see what options are available  

* Have another flavor in mind? Contact us! Tell us your vision and we'll make it happen!